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MPC Call Center
"Our inbound call center services can help business acquire customers while reducing your operating costs."

Inbound Call Center Services Increase Revenue & Reduce Business Costs

MPC Call Center is designed as the inbound call center service that can provide clients with a variety of different options. We offer full-time 24 hour inbound services, as well as partial call center services. We handle call overflow and after hours support. We answer year round, seasonally or on a per project basis. MPC creates programs designed for your customers that are as diverse and unique as our vast client base. Our goal is to help your company grow by providing professional inbound solutions that reduce your operating expenses while increasing your revenue through lead capture and an around the clock customer service presence.

MPC Call Center is the expert in managing inbound call center programs. We respond to each and every call promptly, and professionally. Every call is equally important, and every customer is equally important regardless of your size and scope. Our operators quickly and accurately handle each and every call as if your business depends on it. We gather all of information needed to turn the phone call into a sale. To do this we employ teams of professional call center agents and managers who understand how important properly handling inbound telephone calls are to the growth of a business. Our entire center is dedicated to your account and the continued growth of your business.

We feel that as your inbound call center, we will keep our customers for years to come, because we will keep your customers for years to come. MPC Call Centers staff is trained to artfully answer customer service issues, as it is your sales inquiries. At MPC we provide help desk including problem resolution, solutions. We can open trouble tickets, troubleshoot and dispatch calls to your service department or IT staff. In addition MPC Call Center offers solutions to credit card processing issues and integrate an IVR system into your account to handle inbound telephone calls from your customers in an automated interative fashion with the option to revert to a live operator. We design a solution to fit your companys needs.

We have years of experience as an inbound call center and many companies have trusted us with their telephone calls. With our experience combined with a skilled staff and state of the art equipment and software, we are poised to handle any volume of inbound calls and tailor a service to suit your businesses exact needs. To ensure we are able to fit your business model, all inbound services are customized for your specific needs. Our services are cost effective and we have a wide array of inbound capabilities to grow as your needs grow.

We know as a business owner, that you, like us operate 24 hours a day. You eat, sleep, drink and breathe your business. So do we. With a trusted inbound caller. You can leave your office, without having to worry about your company. With MPC, you will know that all of your calls are being answered in the same prompt, professional, and courteous manner that you would. With a record of providing reliable and cost effective inbound call center services, MPC has many proven solutions to help your business grow.