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"Up selling and cross selling help businesses make the most out of their marketing budget by introducing other products and services to customers."

MPC Call Center Provides Up Selling & Cross Selling Services

One of the most important services can provide is the art of up selling and cross selling. The reason why these services are so valuable is because it maximizes the potential of every phone call. To up sell and cross sell can mean an average of forty percent additional gross sale per telephone call. MPC Call Centers attack the up sell and the cross sell in three different ways. The first is through technology, the second is through training, and the third is through statistical analysis.

Call center Up selling is the method of moving the caller up to a more expensive version of what they are already purchasing. To up sell the caller is to get the caller to buy an enhanced or deluxe model of the product that is already being purchased. When a caller exposes what their needs and interest are, this opens the door to the art of the up sell. These callers often are educated to the benefit of moving up to a better alternative than they are considering.

Up selling or to up sell is often times used to sell the caller multiple versions of the same item. When the caller has set their mind on what they are buying and what they are spending, the ability to get that caller to buy multiple versions of the same item becomes enticing to the consumer, who has already established a mindset for the actual value of the said item or items.

Call Center Cross selling is the method of adding to the callers order, an additional related product or service. Cross selling is the art of adding vertical products to enhance the order. The cross sell utilizes technology more than up sell. Cross selling also utilizes statistical analysis. These statistics will enable the call center agent to better know what additional products past callers have purchased and try to cross sell these same products to current callers.

Outside of the call center environment, we see cross selling and up selling every day. When we are eating fast food we are often asked if we would like fries with our order. This is the art of the cross sell. When we order a meal, we are asked if we would like to super size that meal. This is the art of the up sell. At MPC Call Center, we maximize the potential of each and every phone call, utilizing both call center cross selling and call center up selling techniques.