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MPC Call Center
"Our order taking service has the capacity to handle any call volume and any size catalog from a single products to multiple items."

An Order Taking Service Ensures You Will Never Miss A Sale

MPC Call Center has developed a state of the art call center dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of order taking service. We are aware an unusually high amount of consumers do not feel comfortable placing an order on the computer over the internet. These customers demand to speak to a live person to place an order. At MPC, we have the capability to answer your telephone calls 24/7/365 and we can handle inbound call traffic in tremendous volume. If you are selling a single product or a large catalog with multiple products, you need an order taking service that can perform and is customizable and scalable enough to handle your needs.

MPCs order taking service will help your customers place their orders from your directly onto web site. If you don't have a web site, we can develop a custom order form for you, or even help you design your very own e-commerce web site. We do this so that you can gain the confidence (and the business) of the customer who needs to speak with a live operator instead of just ordering on the internet. In addition, our live operator service can maximize each and every call, through our cross sell and up sell call center. From high call volumes to diverse product catalogs, we are able to assist your business get the most from every telephone call.

With our unique inbound telephone order taking service, MPC will process whatever product or service you are selling. Our operator will receive a phone call from your potential customer. We then take steps to place an order for a product or service, any time of day or night via the telephone. These calls are usually taken through your existing toll free number or one that we can supply to you. Our agents are able to enter orders through your web site or an interface we create to help streamline your order processing. And, in addition to processing orders, we are able to answer any questions your callers may have about your products. With your guidance through the setup process, we setup an extensive frequently asked questions database in addition to learning information about your product catalog to become a full service order taking service.

Our order taking service has become a major part of what do. The industry has grown tremendously. In almost every instance when someone orders a product advertised on television, or radio you reach an order taker when you call the toll-free number. There are too many advantages to using this service to list, but the obvious advantage is an increase in sales. When your commercial, infomercial airs or a customer visits your web site or catalog and wants to purchase your product, a phone call is usually the customer's preferred method for contacting you.