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"An IVR service can reduce your inbound call volume by automating businesses processes while still offering a live support option."

An IVR Service Helps Businesses Automate Customer Service and Sales

IVR stands for interactive voice response. It is a type of telephony technology where the caller uses a touch tone telephone to interact with a hosted computer database to either acquire information or input data into the database. IVR technology does not require direct human interaction over the telephone and is strictly an automated presence that interacts with the customer (though there is always an option which is a keystroke to speak to a live operator). IVR interactions are very exact and will only allow user access to what the IVR is programmed to be able to access. The best ivr service is flexible enough to allow changes in programming to accommodate the individual needs of a business.

Our IVR service is flexible enough to help you develop an individualized solution to meet and exceed your businesses needs. Our services are offered in two types, hosted and managed. With hosted solutions, we integrate your database and architecture with our network infrastructure. With managed services, we provide a dedicated management and development team for your IVR needs. Weather you require a managed or hosted IVR service, our experienced staff can customize any service to fit your needs and enhance your productivity. Our interactive voice response service helps keeps your costs low while supplying customers with solutions to their problems and quick access to any information you need to provide.

Our IVR is one of the most technologically advanced in the industry and based on architecture that is geared toward maintaining customer relationships by providing customers an easy access to information. The services are flexible enough that that we can customize each account to the needs of each individual customer. And, as your customers begin to use the IVR service, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are scalable and changeable after implementation so we always have the ability to enhance services at any time. Our framework allows us to change the software to improve quality and efficiency to ensure optimum performance.

Sometimes our customers require more than just a touchtone IVR service, which is why our speech recognition solutions can be integrated with any of our IVR services. This adds a human element that touchtone interaction can fail to provide. Our speech recognition applications can be combined with our IVR service to create a complete package for your business.

IVR services have many applications from lead generation, to customer service, to direct response, to helping the sales structure. The most popular applications for our services are for their customer service applications and customer care services. We are able to program your IVR to manage frequently asked questions, manage customer accounts, help with customer acquisition, and handle everything from simple to complex transactions. And, we provide real time access to the data gathered including analyzing call paths, call length, overall volume, and other data demographics which provide valuable feedback to your program.

Our IVR service gets you results. With varied applications from sales acquisition to customer service, we can setup a service tailored to your business and your needs. We offer affordable advantages to help you get a great return on your investment and have the analytical tools and the experience to make sure each phone call is capitalized on and your customers are treated well. Our IVR service offers the edge your business needs to stay competitive.