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"Our direct response marketing service is designed to help clients get the highest return from their marketing budget."

Our Direct Response Marketing Agents Manage Your Telephone Lines

Direct response marketing is part of our call center service list. We strive to help our direct response marketing customers get the greatest return on their investment. We have organized campaigns to a wide array of clients in many varying industries using mediums including magazines, email, newspapers, radio, TV commercials, and mail order response. We provide customers with a toll free telephone number that connects their callers directly to our call center who are able to process transactions, answer questions, and act as a representative of your company. Our expertise in inbound call center services combined with call routing technology allow our call center to manage even the largest direct response programs. And, we have the scalability to manage large spikes in call volume due to a television advertisement or infomercial. We can help you get the most from your direct response marketing campaign budget.

Direct response marketing is another service included in our call center service list. Like all services we offer, we strive to act as if we were a permanent member of your staff working in your office. To achieve this and to get you the greatest return on your direct response budget, we take an approach to direct response marketing that involves working with you through every step of your campaign. This involves everything from coordinating the best time to air your marketing or advertise your product to working with you to streamline operator activities to building a frequently asked question database so we are able to give your callers as much information on your products and services.

Our inbound center is able to manage simple and complicated accounts. We use very customizable software that allows each customers account to be unique to their product and business. We also use equipment that allows for great fluctuations in call volume that is usually a result of television commercials or infomercials advertising your product. We do all this while enforcing quality standards that reinforce your brand.

No two direct response marketing campaigns are the same which is why each account is custom tailored to each business. We are able to create the perfect marketing solution to help your company get the most from your budget. Because of this, many companies across the country have used our call center services for their direct response marketing needs. For needs such as placing product orders, capturing leads, and up selling products, we are able to help through industry experience.

Business relies on our call center to convey a positive first impression of their company and to convert their telephone calls into customers and sales. We work hard to ensure your brand is kept strong and continues to build. For more information about our direct response marketing, please contact us to speak with a marketing specialist.