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"Our dedicated call center offers help desk services including technical support and customer service for your outsourcing needs."

Comprehensive Help Desk Services For Business Outsourcing

If you are looking to outsource your help desk services, we can provide you with the call center support you need. By outsourcing help desk services, you can offer your customer base guaranteed 24/7 service levels for help desk and technical support needs. Outsourcing will give you more flexibility to focus on the growth of your business while giving your customers a knowledgeable and satisfying help desk experience. And, our help desk outsourcing services are comprehensive including setting up programs for technical support, help desk, network engineering, remote system monitoring, and trouble ticket systems.

We utilize processes and procedures that we have developed over the years to guarantee consistent quality through all inbound telephone calls. Our people, processes, and call center technology help you provide quality service to your customers. Outsourcing your help desk services can also save your company money by not having to staff your own 24/7 call center. We can save you money each year while providing the highest level of help desk support. When you partner with us, you gain a partner who understands help desk service and how to maintain customer relationships and customer service. Whatever your needs are, we can help as we are able to handle everything from desktop applications to troubleshooting complex software and hardware problems. Whatever your needs, we are able to learn, program, and train our help desk personnel to assist your customers.

We work with each of our clients to design specific services to meet their individualized particular requirements. For example, if your company has developed software, we will work with you to learn about the software and program the software literature into a support system that allows us to systematically troubleshoot any problem your callers contact us with. If the help desk call exceeds our limitations and needs escalation, we are able to setup protocols where you will be notified of the escalation and a trouble ticket will be created for you to respond.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we randomly monitor all support requests. Each reviewed call is analyzed to make sure it complies with your protocol. Each inbound service we request we monitor is used to improve our help desk services.

Organizations need cost effective help desk outsourcing services to assist their customers as well as take the burden from their staff and company. It is difficult for any organization to equip an in house call center to respond to help desk calls. It is expensive and time consuming. Many organizations dont have the resources or the capital to provide help desk services or provide those services at a proper level. Outsourcing help desk applications helps improve your customer service while lowering your costs and improving your businesses image.

We are able to supply your organization with the resources to provide cost effective help desk support to your customers. We are available 24/7/365, we provide you with a toll free number to access our inbound call center, we offer multilingual and bilingual support and we can help as a 24 hour service or after hours / overflow service. And, we are usable for any industry, not just the computer software / hardware or IT industry. Some of the industries we can work for include real estate, schools, entertainment, hospitality, medical, health care, franchises, police, security, government agencies, insurance, military, education, and retail. Contact us today and let us help you identify your needs and help build a custom help desk service for your business.