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"Click to talk services help businesses improve sales and customer service by instantly connecting website visitors."

Click To Talk Services Connect Our Call Center To Your Website Visitors

Click to talk technology instantly connects interested customers on your website with agents in our call center via a telephone call. It is another call center service we offer whereby your web visitor clicks a button, image, or text to request an immediate connection with a representative from our call center in real time. Whatever business you are in, sales are won by the company that presents itself the best and is the most visible to customer service requests. Click to talk services give your business a competitive edge.

Our click to talk service is vital to any business. It means you can call back customers before you lose them. Whether your website visitors have product questions or need customer service, click to talk services connects your visitors with a qualified representative to answer their questions. Click to talk can be integrated with your website and even emails that you send out to clients enabling easy and direct customer service access.

The click to talk service is simple. A visitor clicks on the call icon and enters the telephone number where they can be reached. A call is dispatched from our call center to the customer. When the call is initiated, all of your businesses account information appears on our operators screen.

Click to talk services reduce website abandonment, increase transactions, and increase brand confidence. For more information on the capabilities of these services, please contact us today.